Thursday, 27 October 2016

A Sunnt afternoon.

Firstly I must say sorry to Sooze, when publishing my comments I had a coughing fit and managed to delete yours. I also deleted 2 others but did not see who they came from, so triple sorry.
There are some new followers to welcome aboard as well, although this has never been about numbers, it is quietly satisfying to see the figure rise, however slightly.
Yes some people drift away, tastes change, surfing time shrinks and sometimes new interests jump into focus.
I am the same, some blogs that I have followed for ages no longer appeal and have gone. Some have sadly drifted away and some have become so riddled with adverts that they had to go.
I am not a patient person and hate sitting through adverts. I mostly watch tv programs on catch up as the ads are gone, or record then fast forward through them.
The nasty harsh dry cough is mellowing down somewhat, I shall be soooo happy when the night sweats stop. It has been far worse than the menopause was, as soon as they have gone I will be replacing all my bedlinen. Even though I have changed at least every other day and used bio liquid I feel that it smells, no, it stinks.
I did manage to load all the photos on my camera into the laptop, and I can find them. I could not figure out how to crop them, and some are so old that they are pretty meaningless. I aim to take a
fresh batch soon and have a little play.
Ben has had all his walks, he has quite a fan club all eager to help, and lots of fuss and treats.
I seem to  have a reasonably clean house, with very little input from me.
Oh and the bathroom is done and dusted. I went through the towel cupboard, I may be on a hoarding program one day. I have two recycling bags full, they will be going to a local animal  rescue centre once I am up to it.
The next decorating job is the hall, stairs and landing. The wallpaper steamy thingy is ready to go, the sander is poised for action (some of the paper appears to have been stuck on with filler).
All of it has been painted over, two layers of paper and paint in some places.
I am still on the fence regarding trick or treat, I did it last year and there was a small trickle of children, mind you it rained and then it poured. I may just buy some of those packs of mini chocolate bars, one of my neighbours loves them and will munch through the leftovers.

I am actually going to cook tonight, sweet potato, butternut squash and chick pea curry. I use green lentils as well so no need for rice or Naan bread. A one pot wonder, prepped and cooked in 40 minutes, and so yummy.

I do believe that I am in dire need of tea, so it is off to the kitchen for me.

                    TTFN                                                        Pam.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

mince, step, pose, twirl and lift

Yep, I am back on to Strictly. I have read lots of comments on various media sites, some are laughable, a few are constructive but far too many are just a vicious rant.

It seems to me that a small percentage of the "professional dancers" are far too concerned with their own image, and are not trying to make the best of their partners.
I am so not an expert but I love to watch dance, indeed for many years I danced at least three times a week.

No matter what you are doing or where you are, if you dress in cumbersome, ugly and restrictive clothing you will crash and burn.
Some of the costumes seem to  have been selected to make the wearer as uncomfortable as possible.

I have a small waist, in proportion to my bum so I do not wear pencil skirts. A line, gored or light gathers suit my body shape so that is how I dress. I do wear jeans but make sure that tops just end below the hip pockets or are waist length and boxy. Much as I love the puffy, quilted and padded jackets I do not have one. I stick to smooth lines as they help to elongate my body line.
Size has little to do with this, even at a size 10 I followed these "rules" but could relax them slightly as in those days I wore heels. I do not dress for other people, I aim for comfort first. However I would not feel comfortable in clothes that made me feel like a sack of spuds or a clown.
Oops, I seem to have slipped off at a tangent, appropriate clothing that makes the best of you is the way forward.

A last word on the subject, I have a couple of  "leisure suits"  in velour that are so comfortable I can not part with them. You know the things, sweat pants (no cuffs) and little hooded top.
I have a pair of Jogging bottoms that are for gardening only, I hate them but they are suitable for the work.
On a surprise ( to me) note I have some thermal leggings that, under a sweater dress, look good and make me feel good. Even with my chunky walkers legs, I wear them with a pair of short boots when walking and lightweight pumps the rest of the time.

I have still not figured out how to download my photos on to this laptop, but have not lost hope yet.
If you read reports of a madwoman seen jumping up and down on a flat black object before launching it into the sea off the Gower, it will be me.

I need more tea, it is almost 6 am, I have been downstairs since I woke at midnight in a pool of sweat. I did doze off for a while and when I woke I squinted at the clock and read 6:55, should have put my specs on.

Toodle Pip everyone, I hope to read some blogs later I am sorely behind.

                   TTFN                                               Pam

ps, I seem to have lost the plot on this post, so just have a paddle through the ramblings. Shake your head in wonder and be thankful that you are you and not me.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Crawling back slowly

I had a set back yesterday, a massive coughing fit that had me  gasping for the breath to cough. It brought on a panic attack and I ended up a snotty, sobbing wreck on the bathroom floor.
I survived and got through the rest of the day with no more issues.

Today started much nicer, very little coughing and what there was felt quite different. No retching and gasping for air, no subsequent headache, and I managed a small dish of nutty muesli with a sliced banana, it was yummy.
I was even well enough to get my hair cut off, no I am not bald, I have a very nice graduated bob. The hair that was cut off has been put into the legs of some old tights, and is acting as a Fox deterrent.

Apparently the scent is distasteful to them, worth a try at any rate.

On Sunday I woke early and finished the last three of my Innocent Smoothie hats. It took ten times as long as it should have but they have all been washed and will be in the post this week.

On an even better note.......... There Is A Man Upstairs!!!!

He is in the bathroom, no, it is not a version of "That" Coke Advert.

There is paper on the ceiling and it has to go, so he is steaming and scraping away. I have the paint (rollers and so on) all ready for tomorrow.
Just simple white and Mongolia, but I have some colourful accessories to jazz it up a bit.

Ben had his bath earlier and is now snuggled up snoozing away.

Do you remember the motorcycle accident outside my house earlier this year?  It may yet come to a court case . I have made and signed a full statement and now have to wait and see.

I can not face my knitting WIPS quite yet, but finishing the little hats stirred the urge again. I have cast on the WW11 twisted rib pattern, I know that I said it would not happen but hey ho. I found my mind and changed it.
I amusing a quite bold colourway, shade 751 Zig Zag from King Cole. It has mid brown, fawn, cream and red with just a hint of orange. Much nicer in the sock than in the ball. It is a hard wearing mix of 50% superwash wool and nylon, very soft and easy on the hands. The idea was that they could go to a charity that clothes the homeless, I have already got someone who wants them so I will have to buy some to donate.

I am now totally washed out so it is a  brew and feet up for an hour for me.

               TTFN                                                     Pam

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Sick as a parrot

No, I am no worse. Just wondering whether "the great British public" were all Pi**#d or Hi** as kites last night.

Oh yes, I forgot to say that I am watching Strictly the results.
Now I am off for a coughing session, and some more linctus.

                                 TTFN                                    Pam

Monday, 17 October 2016

Many thank yous.

I thank you all for your kind comments and wishes. I am getting lots of rest, drinking plenty of fluids and taking my meds.
I have barely touched my knitting, it all seems so heavy, but I have managed to knit a few hats for the annual smoothie Big Knit campaign. They will all be washed before being sent off, don't want to risk passing anything nasty on.
I am trying my utmost to eat enough but even that wears me out so quickly.
I hate being ill and am so looking forward to being back on my feet.
Now I am off to bed before I fall asleep on the sofa.

TTFN                                                                    Pam

PS. A very kind person gave me trifle tonight. I did manage to slurp it down with no bother. Hmmm perhaps I need to rethink this healthy eating lark for a while.

Note from my sick bed

I am so sorry to have dropped off the radar. I had a cold that turned nasty and then picked up a horrible tummy bug doing the rounds. The result of that marriage attacked my whole system and laid me out cold ( apart from the fever ) I am recovering slowly, very very slowly, and hope to be back on my feet soon.
    Pam xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

A really Good Day

Yesterday dawned fine and bright with a little nip in the air, a perfect early Autumn morning.
The dogs were walked, while the washing machine did it's thing, and they were very perky and bouncy. I like to think that they enjoyed the change from the humidity of recent days.
Washing went out and more travelled through the machine until there was nothing left to wash.
Windows and doors were flung open and the whole house had a good airing. I could almost hear my granny chuckling and rubbing her hands together with delight.
Iwhisked through the rest of my chores and after a quick sandwich went off to knit and natter.

I took my gold stylecraft  jumper and managed to finish the back and get the front cast on and half the ribbing done.
I picked up some yarn for two hats, King Cole Moods, an acrylic with 30% wool and 2% viscose.Two balls each in Petrol and Firecracker. It is a DK weight but I find that it knits up as worsted so will make for warm hats.

The early evening saw the temperature fall and Ben and I had a very pleasant walk into the village and back. He can not manage long walks now but is happy (and eager) to have 3 or 4 shorter ones spread out through the day.

We have had a blast of cold air in the last few days, not a real frost but enough to make my Crookneck squash plants turn their toes up.
I gathered all the remaining fruits and will make a vegetable curry tonight.
Last night I made shepherds pie with a root veg mash top, very tasty and a splosh of mint sauce and a handful of peas in with the meat helped it along. A and K had one for their dinner and enjoyed it.  I have enough meat left for another meal, possibly a Rogan Josh, or maybe an Oggy.
This morning I am off for my second session of Nordic Walking and looking forward to it. It is lovely to be out with a group of like minded people. I have signed up for a 6 week training course and will hopefully go twice weekly after that

I think that it is time for more tea,  and maybe a slice of toast.

                         TTFN                                                 Pam