Saturday, 20 January 2018

A new win win.

Not the dress, that is still on the benches.

I have been whinging about changing the kitchen for absolutely ages. I wanted open shelving at the top and dresser style cupboards at the base.

Rather than have all that work done and then possibly realise that it didn't work or look right we had a think. Image result for think think think winnie the pooh

The outcome was that the SO has taken the doors and fixings off the top cupboards. I will live with them for at least 3 months to decide whether or not that IS what I really want. I did do some shuffling round and removed some clutter that had built up on one shelf.
The first win, a free trial of a kitchen style, that I may or may not want to keep.

Then he has removed the base doors and I have hung curtains over the doorways. I had a good rummage around and found a whole bolt of medium weight curtain fabric. There is the second win, more out of the stash.

I enjoyed that frenzy of sewing and even better was the using of some long hoarded fabric.There is still enough left on the bolt to make another set, making laundering an easy option with no pressure to get them dried and hung back in one day.

Time to get dinner on the plates now, we have postponed the barlotto till tomorrow. I had broccoli to use and some grated cheese and cream that were on the last day. Broccoli quiche with root potato chips and some homemade coleslaw. Oh Yum.

                TTFN                                              Pam.

Friday, 19 January 2018

The best laid plans.....

Today has not gone as planned, I did get the dogs walked as usual but after that it started to fall apart.

I suddenly realised that W has a new prescription and that it needed taking to be filled. 
DUH to both of us who were adamant on the way home yesterday that we did not have to stop in Pontardawe  for anything, in fact that can be a double DUH.

As I hate to make a car trip for one thing I scrabbled my shopping list together and with the SO (for bag carrying) set off.

After standing for almost 30 minutes in the pharmacy they informed me that both items needed to be ordered in. Then they went off to do that and find out the delivery time. A little ray of light, they will be there tomorrow morning.

Then off to the shops, we managed to get most things on the list but couldn't find brackets anywhere. Hanging baskets of every shape and material that you could think of but no brackets (?). 

The SO is going to put an outdoor shelf up for the small recycling boxes, save me from bending so much and keeping them off the ground. We get cats who love to raid anything easily accessible.

Anyway there is also something good afoot. I watch the Gabberdashery podcast and on the last one was a bright yellow pegboard hung with scissors, rotary cutters, tape measures and so on.  Ooooooh, I want one. So off to the Amazon I went and found some in glorious colours and at Very Glorious Prices.

I was bemoaning this yesterday to the SO and today this is happening.

As much as I would like it painted it will be hanging next to my thread holder, which is natural wood. I could have it bigger but I would only buy find more things to hang on it.

Dinner tonight will be a very tasty and thrifty meal of jacket potatoes and left overs. Tomorrow I am planning on a barlotto, that is my version of risotto made with pearl barley. Sunday is undecided, I need to work on a meal plan of sorts, but will probably be another veggy meal, we have been eating all the small packs of meat from the freezer this week and I am meated out.

I can not get in to sew until the board is hung so my dress has been put back a day.

Much drilling is happening so it won't be long before I will be invited to "come and get your stuff hung up then".

I have a sew sweet violet podcast to watch so there will be a knitting break next.

                             TTFN                                     Pam

Thursday, 18 January 2018

More nothingness

Another chunk of time spent sitting in the hospital today, none of it wasted though. The latest pair of boot socks finished, toes Kitchener stitched and ends woven in.

A new pair cast on, cuff ribbing done and 3 pattern repeats knitted. I am using the broken rib from the Blueberry waffle socks again, it is the SO,s choice. He says it is soft and stretchy without going baggy.

My poor W had a mixed bag of news today, the schegren syndrome has started to affect his hands. The ray of hope is that there is some radical treatment that can be tried. My fingers will be crossed, I can think of very little more devastating than losing the use of my hands.

I told you all that my Christmas Eve cast on was nearly finished, well it was. I had a few rows left on the sleeves and then the front  and neck bands to do and I ran out of yarn. My own fault, I knitted the body and the sleeves longer and never once did it occur to me that I may run out, I had an extra 100 grams after all. Yardage!!! I did not check  it DUH, Rookie error.Guess I wont be making that mistake again in a hurry.

I bought a full pack of this on a promotion from Debs wool shop months ago, maybe a year or more.

Gutted, I bit the bullet and launched a search on the net. WOO HOOI not only found the yarn in the right colour BUT  it was the same dye lot !!!!! How lucky was that.

I was prepared to cut the waist ribbing off and use that yarn to finish the sleeves. Then I would have used a complimentary colour for all the ribbing. All that time saved. Cue happy dance.

I got my yarn from The Knitting Network, a company that I had never come across.
They have a good array of yarns and patterns, in particular some vintage classics that I will be paying close attention to.

I will get cracking on finishing up my cardigan as I have the yarn ready to knit 2  Andi Satterlund  patterns.

It is time to 'fess up here, while I was madly looking to see if a stray ball  of my yarn had hidden itself in the rest of the yarn stash, I found 3, Yes 3, sweater quantities of Aran weight yarn. I had forgotten all about it but once discovered I remembered ordering it a looong while ago. Needless to say that will be featuring on my Make 9 list of yarny things.

I have been watching Tina from the Simply Stitching Podcast showing her 333 wardrobe plan. I had to go and check my wardrobe out and realised that I don't use 33 items of clothing in 3 months. Then I thought aha, what about hats and scarves. I have a box of hats and scarves on the shelf in the hall and grab them at random every time I leave the house.
Tomorrow I will be removing all but 2 of each and washing the rest. Then I will have a recount.

On that note I am leaving you as it is almost time to walk the dogs. 

                       TTFN                                              Pam

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Much ado about Nothing

With apologies to the Bard, I feel that today has been all hustle and bustle with very little to show for it. I got the dogs out early as it is hospital day for W and he had an earlyish appointment. On the way home he likes to stop and have a mooch round Tesco and some days we do Home Bargains as well. 

I did pick up a few bargains, sausage meat at half price all tucked away in the freezer. Extra thick double cream, to go with chocolate, nut and ginger pudding for the SO tonight and for a Stilton sauce tomorrow. I was going to buy some shoulder steaks to pan fry and have the sauce with but there was a lovely shoulder joint much cheaper and twice the size so scooped that up as well. On getting it home it will make 3 meals and some crunchy crackling, not a healthy treat but hey ho.

There were parsnips and carrots reduced so some of those are now in the fridge, that was just the job as I used all the root veg this morning. I peeled and diced it along with an onion and 5 cloves of garlic, tossed it in a teaspoon of oil with salt and pepper and gave it 15 minutes in a hot oven, my combi oven is great for these little jobs. The into the slow cooker with some veg stock, a tin of plum tomatoes and dried herbs, a good shake of liquid smoke and lid on for the rest of the day on the low setting.
To go with it I have pulled some herb, cheese and olive scones from the freezer, I made 2 trays full a while back and tucked them away.

While I was at it I replaced the ironing board so I can resume the Make 9 on Friday. I have another hospital trip with W tomorrow and that just takes up all of my sewing time. I do get the bonus of guilt free daytime knitting though, the SO will soon be getting another pair of boot socks. I like to have socks or a hat to work on as I can chatter away with the other patients and their drivers, just like today they often run late. We had a lively session today and around 7 of us completed a crossword. The couple sitting next to me had lived in Suffolk for a few years and new my home village and Diss the town that I lived in for many years.
We were in complete agreement that Cromer is a "windy ole hole" but that the town is a gem.

The SO has just cleaned and threaded the overlocker/serger with white thread so I am all set to start the dress.

I have just time for a cuppa before braving the elements with the dogs, there were a few flakes of snow last night but it came to nothing. I feel for those who were dumped on last night I saw it on the weather report this morning.

                         TTFN                                                 Pam

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

1 down, and a BOGOF

Hollyburn is finished and I love her. I still have not decided whether to add more of the bright fabric or not.

No photo yet but I found a smaller piece of blue fabric that was left from an old project and squeezed a skirt from it. I used the Delphine pattern from Tilly and the Buttons book, there will be a new book fairly soon so I will be having a look at that.

Once again I had to have a very narrow waistband, I quite like that as I do not need to interface, and I used a blue fabric to add inseam pockets.

That little blue bag on the floor is full of crushed walnut shell and it stops the door from banging into the wall.
 I have plans to replace it with something prettier but not one of those white and metal proper thingies, far too boring. I will possibly make an Owl in some bright fabrics. That will give me a reason to use my die cutting machine, it has sat unused and neglected for over 3 years!! 
Bad Pam, but it was a surprise gift, more of a shock really. It is a Big Shot Plus and I could not justify buying patchwork dies as I have a collection of rulers and templates.

Any how, I just wanted to keep you all updated and now it is time to walk Rufus, then I will be finishing off the Delphine before having a tidy up. I will need to get white thread back onto the overlocker/serger before starting the dress that is cut out, AND I completely forgot about the lining so it will be some white cotton lawn that is on top of the stack.

                   TTFN                                                Pam

PS. I found a new podcast to watch, Gaga Knits. She is from South Wales and is on a learning curve. It is knitting, crochet and sewing with a bit of Mary Berry and some lovely shots of her gorgeous little dog. Number 2 has just been posted and both episodes are worth paying a visit to.

Monday, 15 January 2018

Oopsadaisy, a near disaster.

I was in the sewing room, yesterday evening, wrestling with the printer. It just refused to print one page of a download. When I stepped back and the ironing board collapsed upon me.

It is a write off, dead, kaput, a bit like the Parrot sketch from Monty Python.

I am not too concerned as it was getting on a bit    but   resting on it were 1, the overlocker. 2, the laptop. 3, my pile of patterns and fabrics from yesterdays post.

Luckily the S O was with me and leaped to the rescue, I removed the offending board and he launched the salvage mission.

All is well, so far. He is at this very moment threading up the overlocker (with the grey thread for my skirt) and then will try it out. Fingers crossed that it all works, I can overlock on the big Janome but it is not as good as the real thing.

I cannot find a grey zip, I know that there are at least 3 somewhere, that will be over that rainbow! I refuse to buy another, apart from the cost I would have to drive out to Carmarthen and then not be certain of getting the right colour.

So in the interests of time and cash economy I will use black, as i use the lapped insertion method it will not show (although a bright red one that shows might be cool).

I will have to get a replacement board but that can wait till Wednesday when I do the hospital run. The ironing basket is empty and I can use a small table top board for the seam pressing in the mean time.

I am off now to take Rufus for a delayed walk, rain prevented the normal time but it has stopped now.

               TTFN                                                 Pam

Hip Hip Hooray, it is working like a dream as opposed to a nightmare!!

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Planning, erratically.

2018 make nine, that,s all very well but Which Nine?

I am trying, some would say very trying, and I have pulled some fabrics and patterns from the stash. I have even cut 2 projects out.

First up is an old favourite, my tried and trusted Hollyburn skirt. I have made many versions of this and hacked it into a dress pattern 3 times (and will be doing so again).

The cord was deep stash and bought for cushions that never got made, I just had enough to get the main pattern pieces. The waistband is half the given pattern width and the pockets are some Christmas fabric. I just love the bright colours and the print is small enough that it doesn't scream Christmas, I may add a band of it to the hem or sew a strip onto the skirt about 3" above the hem. 


This is a new pattern, part of my "half price haul" from Hobbycraft.
The fabric is also deep stash and I will be lining this dress as it is quite lightweight. 
Like the Hollyburn this is cut out, I just need to decide on the lining.

Any suggestions will be gratefully received, I usually use a cotton lawn but read somewhere that polycotton is good.


I have had this fabric for over a year, it is a cotton jersey and I went completely crazy and ordered metres of it. (I got click happy)
I can not remember where the pattern came from, possibly a freebee from a sewing mag. I quite like a wrap dress and this will be my first jersey sewing adventure (cue my word of the year Explore).

4. & 5.

This pattern was also a half price bargain and will be made up in this cotton, if I like it I hope to get one out of the lilac print above.


The last of my half price patterns along with the deepest stash fabric that I have. I can not remember where and when this was purchased, which is shameful as it is lovely. This will probably be lined or I might make a full length slip to wear with it.


I love this vibrant print and it will become a top, probably the Grainline Hemlock Tee. I still have to print this pattern off and then try to stick it all together. I am not a lover of PDF patterns but am willing to make an exception for this.


The same applies to this print, I bought oodles of it and have used it as accents in various makes. It is high time that it stood alone as another Hemlock tee.


This is another deep stash fabric, I am reasonably certain that I bought it from The Fabric Guild in the first year that I moved to Wales. I am not sure what it will become as it is in 2 pieces, a little blip in my ordering process.

I now need to decide on the yarny list. I have almost finished my Christmas Eve cast on cardigan and once the last button has been sewn on (first I need to buy them) I will compile that list. There are 2 patterns that I need to print off and then it will be a stash diving exercise to marry yarn with pattern. I will be buying one more sweater quantity of yarn but that is for Francesca (one lot has landed) and I will share them at the same time.

I am now in serious need of tea and I have 2 cakes to make before lunch.

               TTFN                                                Pam

P.S. Just popped back to say that it is taking an age for replies to comments to get published. It was so bad at one time that I gave up altogether. It has gone down from 5 minutes each to about 1 minute. Is anyone else having this issue or am I just lucky?