Saturday, 25 February 2017

Weeping Doris

Or is it? We had the wind last Thursday, then yesterday we had a taste of summer never mind spring. Today we have rain, drizzle and more rain along with a little wind.
Ben is quite disgusted, we went out and he dropped his head, almost to the ground, tucked his tail under and put on an air of abject misery. He deserved an Oscar.

I am so pleased that I did my laundry yesterday, the only task left on my list is to empty the top of my sewing unit , and get it set up.

I have layered and pinned my smaller flimsy and am ready to start quilting, Monday is earmarked for sewing.

The back of Francesca,s sweater is done and a sock has been started, I have to knit one at a time as I can only find one 3.75 mm needle, these will be a pair of DK weight socks for someone with cold feet. I have found the yarn from stash for three pairs.

Dinner tonight will be a very lazy gigantes plaki ( baked beans made with butter beans) on toast. I do not feel like cooking anything fancy and this recipe is simple and tasty.

I have lazed the day away, watched a few pod casts, listened to radio 2, watched  the last part of the documentary about dairy farming in Wales, knitted and drunk tea. Not bad.

Now I have to persuade Ben that he will not dissolve if he goes out again before making a start on my bean feast.

                     TTFN                                           Pam

Friday, 24 February 2017

Tea and cake mmmm

Today has been glorious, light wind and wall to wall sunshine,  I took full advantage and the washing machine went on. The bed was stripped as were the sofas, the laundry baskets are now empty. The ironing basket is not, but it soon will be, there is little to compare with having washing done, line dried, ironed and put away all in one day. Especially in February.
I did manage to squeeze in a few rows of knitting and will do a bit more later.

My afternoon was filled with joy of a different nature, I went to visit a newcomer to the village. You may have seen the odd comment from Jess and Will here and there.  I went to see them and enjoyed a couple of hours chatting with tea and homemade banana and chocolate cake, it was lush. They have a delightful little girl and I managed a cwtch and a play, poor little mite is teething but was still beaming and playing.

My post from yesterday was mainly for the recycle and  compost bins, there was however a shining star.

The latest edition of Pompom magazine, I had seen it on a couple of podcasts and then had a look online as I liked the patterns that I had seen.

The cover shawl pattern just called to me, I have the yarn in stash.

The shoulder and cuff pattern is lovely and I see this in a lighter green.

This edge to edge cardigan also has a pretty pattern, it does have short sleeves which I will lengthen. Again I have stash yarn for this.

There are more patterns, a colour work hat for one that I want to try, most of which I can see myself knitting. All this for the price of 3 patterns, and once I have worked through it I can pass it on.

Dinner tonight was going to be felafels but I changed my mind and it will be jacket potato and a beany chilli. There could be cherry pie for pudding, I may not have room.

On that note I am off to the kitchen, enjoy your weekend where ever you are.

                      TTFN                                                    Pam

Thursday, 23 February 2017

What's Occurring.

I went to knit and natter on Tuesday, a good time was had by all even though we were a bit thin on the ground. I took my Head over Heels shawl with me and managed to get several rows done, it is growing nicely, I have still to decide on the border but no doubt it will come to me.

I delivered the bed socks and was gifted with a lovely pot of primroses, they are on the sewing room windowsill and give me a splash of colour to look at.

I did spend a little money, but the saving made it a must do. After starting Francesca,s sweater in the pink Pulse yarn last week I rang Deb in her shop. I wanted to order some more as it was knitting up so well, luckily she had sweater quantities in the purple and the yellow and put them away for me.

I have left them in the wrapping as they are for future knitting, the purple will be a birthday gift for Francesca and the yellow is for me. I hope that the splash of sunshine will be just the thing to brighten up dull winter days.

Talking about bright, I have finished the most recent pair of socks. Knitted when I should have been working on the pink sweater, they are the 4th pair of afterthought heel socks. The first pair were knitted from start to finish as a trial for the heel, I quite liked it but decided that one pair was not a good try out.

The pic n mex then the blue self patterning were made except for the heels. I thought that 3 pairs would make an ideal project to knit the heels in one fell swoop. The trial was a success and here are the latest pair with their bright green heels.

My next sock project is to try out some short row heel patterns, there are several versions out there. I have bought the Fish lips Kiss pattern and will start with that. Watch this space.
I am toying with the idea of using my patterned yarn to knit the cuff and legs of socks and then knitting a plain, coordinating, heel and foot. It seems such a waste of all that glorious colour to hide it in shoes. Plus if I chose 2 different plain colours I will get 2 different pairs out of each skein of yarn. I have several balls of WYS solid colour yarn in the stash that need to be released.

The postie has just been and left me a treat package, I will share tomorrow. Now I am just going to enjoy it by myself.

                    TTFN                                     Pam

Monday, 20 February 2017

It is all here.

We have had a mixed bag of weather today, fog obscured the mountain this morning but it cleared steadily and was bright by mid morning. Ben enjoyed his walks and the second one was in quite bright sun shine. sadly as the afternoon wore on the mist descended and brought some drizzle and light rain to keep it company.

My plans to cast on the back of Francesca,s jumper came to nothing as my eye was caught by some WYS self striping yarn and these happened.

As usual I am knitting them in tandem, I did start off two at a time on a long cable but, after dropping a stitch once or twice and getting my yarn in a rats nest changed over. You can just see the waste yarn for the afterthought heel on the right sock. I have a soft green for the heels and perhaps the toes .

And now for my goodies from America, I was almost pacing the house while waiting for the delivery.

My first ball winder, I have always wound by hand but it played my wrists up a week or so ago after winding 2 skeins, I am looking forward to using it.

To go with it I have a Yarn Swift, it was a feat to take a photo (I ended up standing on the table) and then had to clamber down and load it up to show it off properly.

I saved the best for last, gorgeous, soft and squishy yarn in an explosion of colour. The four skeins are all hand painted and the 50 gram balls are Dogwood Heather Stroll. All are going to be socks and all will be gifts.
All of my goodies came from Knit Picks, and all were free shipping.
I was absolutely amazed at the low prices and overwhelmed by the quality.

Now I am off to make a stir fry, all veg tonight with some edamame beans for the protein element. I love these little beans and was very happy to find them in Tesco a while ago. I keep a couple of bags in the freezer and have them at least twice a week.

Much yarn stroking may happen later.

                      TTFN                                               Pam

Saturday, 18 February 2017

Post from America

Look what the Postie brought me yesterday, I 'fess up to just sitting, with it draped over my lap, and stroking it for a few moments.
A handmade full length vintage styled apron, all the way from America. The print is so cheerful and the fit is perfect.

Ties at neck and waist for a truly vintage feel and look.

The ric rac trim picks up a flower colour and every edge is finished with matching bias binding.

I am in love, now of course I want more, many more. I wear an apron at all times in the kitchen, I am a bit of a grub and tend to spill flour and splash water about my person.

There are some more things to show, from a different place, but I am still waiting for one delivery. As they are a group I will wait till all are present before sharing.

The day dawned warm and sunny here, consequently there is washing on the line. Kitchen and bathroom have enjoyed a good bottoming and the shower curtain had an early birthday.
Windows are thrown open and the whole house smells of fresh air, better than air freshener any day of the week.

Ben has had a couple of walks and has retired to the sofa, he is enthroned upon a heap of cushions and one of my shawls. That will teach me to put away not down, maybe.

I have made another pair of the green bed socks, they will be going to their new home on Tuesday. The shawl has seen a little attention but later I will be casting on the back of Francesca,s sweater. I will start a pair of socks as well, just for a change and to rest my hands from the 6 mm needles.

I think that is all for now, I checked my parcel and it was in Llanelli this morning, fingers crossed it my come this afternoon.

                     TTFN                                           Pam

Friday, 17 February 2017

Feathers or Polysomething?

Pillows, that is my subject today. I have changed my pillows umpteen times in the past few years.
In my childhood (that old chestnut) we all had feather filled pillows, with blue and white striped ticking covers.
They were deemed to be unhygienic and even said to cause or exasperate asthma.
Out they went and in came man made fillings, polyester hollowfibre, 100% polyester, polyurethane foam and the latest memory foam. 
Feather and down are still available at a price.
I have tried all sorts of pillows from a multitude of brand names and store branded. All have turned lumpy and bumpy after what seems a very short period of time.
My latest are from a well known brand and have been in use for about 4 months, they will be going out shortly. I am going to invest in goose feather and down and pray that they are as good as the ones that I slept on till the day I left home for college.

I must add that they do not go to landfill, I dismember them and the outer goes to be recycled while the filling is washed and dried and goes to someone who makes soft ornamental creatures.

On a Very Happy Note the postie just gave me a parcel from America. 
I have a shrewd idea what it is and will open it in a minute or two.

I will take photos and post about it tomorrow, there are 2 other things to share but neither as exciting as todays.

Time for a cuppa before opening my parcel and then getting Ben out for a walk.

                    TTFN                                              Pam 

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Playtime on a budget.

It was knit and Natter yesterday, there were not as many of us as usual, lots of natter, a fair bit of knitting and a very loooong cuddle with Sophie. Bliss.
Debs had a special offer on James C Brett,s Pulse, a new to me yarn with 53% superwash wool to 46%premium acrylic, a total snip at £2 for 100 grams. I came away with 600 grams in Pink, a sweater for Francesca is now on the needles. I have only just started it so no photo yet.

More blood tests this morning, and just like the late Tony Hancock, I am sure they took an armful.
I was certainly glad to get home and sit down with a cuppa, not to mention the coconut coated mallow cake (Lyons). A blast from the past, I was a young teenager the last time I had those. I remember buying them from Woolies biscuit counter in Norwich, then munching my way round the market via the brand new C & A.
Then it would be hot peas with mint sauce and chips before trekking down to Carrow Road for the match. I was a dyed in the wool Canaries fan, never missed a home game and got to all the away ones possible. When they were in the cup run one year I wore yellow and green from top to toe, in alternating colours. Left shoe green, left trouser leg yellow and so on. 

This is the latest pair of socks, one from the middle and one from the outside of the balls. Drops Fabel again and an afterthought heel.

The weather has been a mixed bag today, driving rain to start with then bright sun shine and now grey drizzle. At least it is much warmer today, Monday and Tuesday were very cold.

Dinner will be lentil bolognese, I made it yesterday so the flavours should have melded and deepened nicely, although it was pretty good when I tasted it before putting it in an ice water bath to cool.

Last night I watched a film on Amazon Prime, Miss Peregrines home for peculiar children. I am so glad that I didn't go to the cinema to see it, I was not sure what to expect but found it uninspiring. The second half was better but overall I was disappointed.

I have just noticed the time and need to get a wiggle on, pasta needs cooking and the sauce needs heating.

                        TTFN                                      Pam