Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Butterfly Effect

All I did was mention that the skirting board needed painting and BOOM a forest fell in a hurricane.

The sitting room is empty. There is a sofa by the front door, another in the sewing room and a positive "after the storm" appearance everywhere.

Teetering piles of random things, mostly embellished with project bags of knitting either in progress or in waiting.

Francesca's bed has vanished beneath throws and cushions, not to mention the contents of the tall china display cabinet plus the glass shelves of said cabinet.

Skirting is now pristine in it's new coat of brilliant white, 3 walls have had the first coat of paint. 

The fourth is under discussion, contrast paint, feature wall paper, hessian and so on and on.

New carpet has been selected so time is of the essence here.

Add in the latest addition of " I would like to have some wood on that wall" and you may understand the title.

How far will the ripples spread?

Will there be a heat wave in Alaska?

How would the Kilchers cope?

Will snow fall in Vegas?

What would Danny AKA The Count make of that?

Enough of such squit and nonsense.

Back to real life. 

Today I will mainly be hiding in the kitchen, baking and ironing, chopping and slicing goodness knows what for dinner and making trifle to soothe the sore throat that is inevitable after the amount of talking I will be doing. Talking to the wall that is, who remembers Shirley Valentine then?

Please understand that my tongue is firmly in my cheek on this matter. There is no need to throw any bricks at me, the SO reads this, he is leaning over my shoulder and laughing right now.

However there is a grain of truth there, if it was still sunny I wouldn't give a fig. I could be out in the garden busy dead heading the flowers in my window boxes and planters.

I am a duffer at decorating, good enough for me but the SO is a perfectionist. I may be allowed to clean the brushes and rollers but they will be inspected, thoroughly.

The cropped waistcoat is coming to life, I am half way up the left front shaping. I am writing every row down as I need to replicate it on the other front and the back.

By the way, the SO has offered to make me some toggles out of dowelling, he is a handy chap to have around.

I have just been presented with a coffee and a "what time did you say you were going to start in the kitchen". That's my cue to give him the space to get busy.

So me and my coffee are off to our allotted space, see you on the other side.

                          TTFN                                      Pam

PS The nails are s l o w l y looking better, well they were till I ripped 2 almost down to the quick yesterday. I must be more careful when in the garden.

PPS. I forgot to say that another Kilo has slithered off, mostly from my hips. My measurements seem to be reducing faster than the weight, it must be the walking building muscles in my legs. 

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Hopefully next week's appointment will be the last, for a long time if not for good.

Anyhow onto better things, the Gower waistcoat is progressing steadily. I am making this a very cropped 9" side length and will be making the fronts into a v neck. This will be good to slip on over a long sleeved dress or top for that extra layer of warmth, leaving my arms free. I hummed and hahhed about pockets, too short for patch and side seam insertion so am thinking about a little purse type thingy that can have a belt threaded through. Just to carry Poo bags and then it will be perfect for dog walks.

While we are talking about size, yes it does matter, I am happy to tell you that my jeans now pull on and off without being undone. Luckily, due to the shape and construction, I can still wear them. Hopefully not for long.
I put it down to the extra walking as much as what I am (or am not) eating.

The SO is at a loose end so has decided it is the perfect time for a bit of decorating and a small change round.
He is worse than my Mother was for moving furniture about, I wouldn't dare come down in the night without turning the light on as I might end up sitting on the floor, or the coffee table.

I am miffed at missing Knit and Natter but am not going to focus on it.

I need to tell you that the SO has the door off and is doing something very noisy to the hinges. Men and their toys!

There is quite a bit of huffing and puffing and even more deep sighing.
I may be taking refuge in the garden soon, maybe some one else's garden.

The main result of all this upheaval is that I am forced to go through everything properly, not the quick ruffle through that usually happens.
My sister has 2 parcels of yarn on the way to her and there will be a couple of fabric filled ones going off soon.

She likes to make small patchwork items and is fabric poor just now. She has a long trip to get to a good shop so this is a win win situation for both of us. I get space and she gets to sew away.

Ben had a bath this morning and a hair trim and to heap coals on the fire of sufferance and indignities I have some baby powder cologne for dogs. He would probably rather smell of long grass and a few unsavoury things, but not to worry, he will get over it.

I have a hot date with the ironing later, once it has cooled down. I was intending to do it this morning but it was far too hot by the time Ben had been walked and it is still too hot now.

Dinner will be something simple and fast, followed by a raspberry and blueberry crumble, possibly floating in a slick of custard.

In fact that might just be dinner.

Now I am off to enjoy a cuppa before I fetch the doggy towels in.

                      TTFN                                          Pam

PS When I go into preview there are a couple of Photo shop things on the side, can you see them? I have right clicked but can not delete. Any suggestions

Monday, 24 July 2017

Home again, phew.

Hospital appointment 11:00, arrived at 10:45. Got in to see someone at 11:40. Figures.

Worse is the fact that I have to go back tomorrow and next week, at some as yet unspecified day or time for another round of x rays.

At least I had some knitting time, I was about to say guilt free but I never feel guilty about knitting time, even when I steal it from housework time.
It's my housework and my knitting and I will will do them in what ever order (and amounts) that I like.

The SO's hand painted yarn is now a pair of socks.

Because of the heel that he prefers there is always pooling at the ankle.

I am always surprised at how different each sock turns out.

Even the heel pooling is completely different.

Anyhow, I cast on something new for the hospital. I wanted to use the 3 balls of Pulse that I called Gower, 300 grams of chunky doesn't go far but I didn't want a scarf or hat.

This is the beginning of a cropped waistcoat 149 stitches on a size 5mm circular for as many rows of garter stitch as I feel like doing. Then I will change to 6mm and stocking stitch, apart from 6 stitches on each edge which will remain garter stitch. I will divide at the armholes and decide then whether to shape the front as v neck or round. I will edge the armholes and neck with garter stitch as well. Button holes are not an issue as I will make crochet chain loops and add toggles to the front. Pure laziness, my pattern designing skills only stretch so far. As a child I did this all the time for my dolls and teddies, even getting the shape and row count right for raglan sleeves, without even thinking about it. Now it takes a bit of brain ache and a session of putting pen to paper.

I did pick up a pattern from Debs but used it just for the stitch count and general idea. Mind you the SO wants to dye some chunky yarn for a version for himself. I made the stipulation of no dark colours and no grey whatsoever.
He was happy with that, I am beginning to wonder if he was a Cavalier in a former life.

If the next 2 appointments go down the same route I may have a finished garment in no time at all.

We had the sparky here till almost 7:00, apparently the dipstick who put the new boiler in made several mistakes AND there was some work done at some distant time in the past that was not up to spec and had to be removed and replaced.
Needless to say that the dipstick will be footing the bill for all the work as the lovely sparky has put all the time and parts cost down to the boiler installation. He does know and he is not happy, he also declined to argue. So he's not a complete dipstick.

On that note I am going to persuade the SO that it is his turn to get a brew on and then think about feeding Ben. It is far too hot for a walk yet, we will collect Rufus and go a bit later.

                   TTFN                                                Pam

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Woe is me.

Got up this morning to fine the circuit breaker for the socket lines had tripped, unplugged every thing but still wouldn't stay on.

Emergency sparky on his way, why do these things always happen on weekends and bank holidays?
It is so annoying, I had a day of dyeing lined up.

Off to the hospital tomorrow morning, deep and everlasting joy. I will be sure to take some knitting.

Yesterday was a mixed bag for weather and today looks like carrying on in the same way.

Dinner will depend on whether and when the power is restored, I have a gas hob with an electric oven. I am toying with the idea of a bottled gas oven and fridge. My lovely neighbour has let me put an outdoor safe line from his house to run fridge and freezers, and most importantly the kettle. 
My next purchase will be a kettle for the gas hob, I had one in Tydd but left it by mistake.

Ben was full of himself this morning, so eager was he for his walk that we were back home before the time we usually leave.

I am enjoying listening to the pay row at the BBC, now we know how Chris Evans can run a fleet of luxury cars.

On that cheery note I am off to drink my tea and get myself ready for the sparky, whose arrival is imminent.

                          TTFN                                        Pam

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Pick a season, any season.

Well, perhaps not winter but over the past few days ( never mind days the past few hours) we have had April Showers, hot Summer Sun and Autumnal Downpours and wind.

I have been pootling on, a little knitting, a little cooking, some jam making, a little knitting, some cookie baking, quite a lot of tea drinking and some more knitting.

There will soon be  a pair of socks for the SO in the yarn that he painted.

I am planning out (well trying to) some self striping yarn with just a little speckling. A trial run once I have a few essential bits of hardware, hopefully tomorrow.

I have Christmas gift ideas seething round my mindSorry about that but it had to be mentioned. It will include fabric and sewing, colour matching, accessory hunting and dying. That is why I need to start the planning now. No doubt there will be some Quack quack reject moments, just not too many I hope. It is one thing seeing a colour palette in your mind that compliments or contrasts wonderfully, and another altogether replicating it in the flesh, so to speak. I have done that with the odd garment or three.

I have an urge to experiment in the kitchen today, I dug around in the pantry and fridge, I have pulled out, Cous cous, chillies, garlic, peppers, butter beans, red onions, paprika and liquid smoke. Once it has become a meal, rather than an idea, I will stir fresh chopped mint, radish seed heads and a good squeeze of lemon juice to brighten the flavours up.
Wish me luck.

I spent a couple of very cosy hours in Debs wool shop yesterday, chatting and knitting. It flew by and all too soon I had to set off home.

Oops nearly forgot, I had a lovely, and all too short, visit from Jess and Ivy first thing, well more like third thing as it was at least 9.00.
I was still clad in dressing gown before having a shower. After two very disturbed nights I slept very late.
Ivy is walking well now, and running even better, she is as much a delightful little girl as she was a gorgeous baby. Such a fleeting time, I am so pleased that I didn't miss the baby stage even if it was only the tail end. Her first birthday is next month, a serious present hunt has to happen, deep joy. I need to think outside the box for this.

Rufus and I managed a good walk, in the dry, this morning but part of the route was flooded so we took a diversion of our own. Neither of us minded, the air was clean and fresh after all the rain, and Rufus seemed to find lots of exciting scents to enjoy.

I have spent a little time in the garden this afternoon, some plants have been potted up and I took the chance on pegging out a load of washing.

It is greying over now so I am off to haul it in before it gets another rinse.

                        TTFN                                          Pam

Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Sea of Colour.

Happy Thursday,another warm day, some sun, some grey, some blue sky with cotton wool clouds.
The rain has battered the garden but it will all recover, if only partially.

The Pulse yarn has been wound into cakes and I now have to decide what it will become.

The skeins, dry and ready to wind.

Three luscious cakes ready to go. I am calling these Gower, as they remind me of the colours in the marshes there.

I finished the third pair of short socks for the SO, he picked the main colour and the heels and toes solid.
This is a man whose colour palette of choice was dark grey, light grey, mid grey, black and white with mid blue denim for a change.

I am amazed, and delighted, at his new adventurous dive into the world of colour.
He dyed the Pulse yarn while I watched, wide eyed.

I watched Crafty Mandy's podcast this morning, Stitching for Sanity. I have "volunteered" to dye a skein of yarn in pink and a soft mustardy yellow for her. 
I am more than happy to do so, after all she dyed the goldfish yarn for me.

The yarn and dyes are on their way and I look forward to some experimenting.

Of course I will share as I fall (run like the wind) further down this particular rabbit hole.

I have a maslin pan of chopped up rhubarb waiting to be turned into jam, it needs to sit in the sugar for a while to draw some of the water content.

I have to shop later, the only things in the fruit bowl are 3 grapefruit and 4 small bananas, scheduled to become a Black Banana Cake mmmmm.

 Rufus is enjoying his morning walk, and so am I. We will continue this after his owners cast is removed, we had a little chat and it is mutually agreeable.

Now I am off to stir up the rhubarb and sort out a bit of lunch.

                         TTFN                                          Pam

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Thunder and lightening

It's very very frightening......with apologies to the late great Freddie.

There is rain, more of a monsoon really, it is coming straight down. No watering for me for a day or 2 and full water butts. Win Win.

I may be taking Rufus for a swim rather than a walk, if the rain stops that is.

I am happy to report that I have found the missing fabric, so a parcel will be on it's way later today Sheila, I must have picked it up and put it down about 5 times before having the sense to actually open the bag to see what was in it!!

I am still down the dyeing rabbit hole and am happy to stay here for a while.  My next goal is to sell both the quilting frame and the Janome 1600 P with all the extras and make space for a spinning wheel.
I can not stand and quilt without feeling sea sick and dizzy but the sewing cabinet opens out and I am quilting on that. It is a logical plan, I feel, as I am burning to dye fibre and then spin it ready for knitting.

The latest dyeing experiment is looking good, once it has dried I will be posting photos.

I am right on the cusp of having crochet lessons, I can crochet but am self taught. I am not always happy in what I make, sometimes the edges slope a bit and so on. I am excited to learn control and precision. (doesn't that sound a bit Schoolmarmish and prissy)

The torrential rain has eased off a bit now but the thunder is still rumbling around.

I am off to make a brew and think about tonight's dinner. I can get away with toast once, and very nice it was too we just had scrambled eggs in the end. No ideas for tonight, just Iffit's probably, but certainly another light meal.

                      TTFN                                         Pam

I have this tickle in the back of my mind about matching dyed yarn to a project bag, what do you think?

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

I have lots to show you and little time to do so, this retirement job is very demanding you know.
I am really pleased with the results of the dyeing session, even more so now that I am knitting with one skein. 
Who for and what? Well, of course it is not for me.

The yarn dyed by the SO, caked up and into the heel shaping on the first sock , just a vanilla pair with his favourite heel. It looks so different in the cake, I am loving knitting it up.

 The "Sunset Boulevard" caked up is very similar but lighter in tone.

Tiger Lily, in her cake form, I love this bright and light one. I may dye a solid or tonal skein to knit up with it into a 2 skein shawl.

This morning I dyed 2 balls of commercial yarn that I bought ages ago, it is 30% wool so new that it would take the dye, but not how.

It dried while I was out and I skeined it up straight off the line, just to get an idea of how it looked. Quite pleased with the colours, they are a bit muted for me but I think that Shoreline is a good name for them.

Caked up they look so much better, these are destined to become a shawl. Maybe for me, maybe for a gift.

I have 3 balls of commercial chunky weight yarn to play with, these have a much higher proportion of wool and are very much of the thick and thin variety. These have been handed over to the SO to play with. He is skeining them on the swift as I type this.

Knit and Natter was a lively affair again, there were a few more of us than last week, obviously we are the noisy ones.

Debs has new yarn in stock, the yarn diet is up the Swanee, I left with the 3 balls to over dye and a pattern and enough yarn to knit it. Photos another day, as I completely forgot and the batteries are on charge.

I am picking Chrissie, aka the one armed bandit, up on Friday and we are going to the quilt exhibition in Llandeilo. There may be lunch. There may be purchases. Only Smarties have the answer.

I am about to scoop Rufus and Ben up for their early evening walk and then it is a simple supper of scrambled eggs and beans on toast.

I had a cook up session yesterday and have meat loaf  and pasta sauce to freeze.
There will also be a watering interlude, possibly before we eat, I am not particularly hungry and the SO is playing with yarn and swift and planning what colours to use.

                       TTFN                                           Pam

I must get some replies up and try to catch up on blog reading. Who needs to sleep?

Monday, 17 July 2017

Woolly Reveal

Here is my diet busting yarn shopping. I put all the blame on the SO. Remember the green socks that I really did not like?Well the SO loved them even though they were shorties. That led to this,

A 50 gm pair of striped shorties to wear with trainers. A very quick knit but I did have to lay my cardigan to one side!

I also remembered that I had no solid colours for heels and toes, a quick shopping trip and 24 hours later these arrived.

400 grams of solids, these will either tone or clash depending on how the SO is feeling.

After a few moments surfing through the sock yarns he spotted this colourway, on being asked as to whether they should be short or long his response was YES, so 150 grams.

Then a ball of this to make it up to free shipping, cheap is good, free is best.

Then I fancied some "in your face colours" after a couple of hours searching, lots of  " how blooming much?" and  "not on your Nellie". We had a little chat about what we would afford as opposed to what we could afford.
 I have to say here that I do understand the time and cost of materials involved, I have bought from several Indie dyers in the past and loved what I got.
We decided to buy a starter dye kit and 3 skeins of yarn and then just play.

This is the product of our playtime, the middle skein was dyed by the SO, I will be balling this later on and casting on a pair of socks.

The other two I have named Tiger Lily and Sunset Boulevard, I love them and loved the process.

The dyes that I tried were food safe so I "cooked" them in the microwave. If I decide to carry on with that using acid dyes I will be buying another microwave solely to dye with.

So much did I love it that an order for more yarn happened, lots more. An order for acid dyes has also been placed. All I need to  find now is a large stainless steel pan for steaming and immersion dyeing. I did like the painting though and this can be set in the microwave or steamed. 

Oh, and of course another day or two in each week to indulge this new hobby/addiction.

It is time for some lunch, there are rumbles coming from the deep.

Ooooh, that leads nicely into my weight loss this week, which is NIL. 

There has been no gain either, I blame no one but myself. I had a couple of days with the poking about in my ears, that led to not wanting to cook or eat a meal, so I grazed, not on rubbish, but did manage to eat more carbs than I should have.
For the next few weeks I will be walking Rufus, this will be an extra walk, so am hoping that this will help.
My lovely neighbour Will, who is owned by Rufus, has a cast on his right foot, from toes to just under knee height. I am only to glad to walk Rufus, and he doesn't mind either.

On that I am off to find some lunch.

                      TTFN                                    Pam

Friday, 14 July 2017

More Drops

Just a quickie as I am back from more pulling , pushing and prodding, (doesn't that sound a bit like a scene from Call the Midwife). 
I am of course referring to my ears!
The result is... more drops and return in 4 weeks. DUH.

There has also been a visit to get even more Drops, of the woolly variety. I am right out of solid colours for heels and toes ( apart from the 4 skeins that are earmarked for a cardie) so the diet is down the pan for today.
A quick trip to Wool Warehouse and an order is in for Drops Fabel in several solids and a print or two. I needed to get the value up to free shipping so had a quick trip through the clearance section and found a fairly bright 100 gm ball. I will share them once they have landed.
There are more socks to show and my Cardigan is almost at the finish post as well.
I couldn't keep the camera steady enough to get a decent shot today bur asap I will post some pics.

I missed out on my day with Chrissie but there is another week not touched yet just around the corner.

I rather fancy that this weekend will be very quiet, I have a very small shopping list, and most of that can wait, the SO plans on grass cutting and painting. We are having Rufus for the weekend so there will be extra walks and more than likely lots of knitting. I need a day in the sewing room, I have some fabric to send off and I need to set up a "search and rescue mission" to locate it. It is in there, I distinctly remember putting it on the cabinet ready. I also remember moving it while taking some photo's, the trouble is I can not remember where I moved it to.
I was rootling through ALL the boxes of fabric at the time, soooo they will all have to be emptied and searched.
Sounds easy right? WRONG, they are under and behind the quilting frame. Getting them out requires some serious wriggling under the frame, and then grabbing a box and scuttling out backwards on my belly. It is not a pretty sight.

It is better than it was as I have sewed my way through 2 boxes so far this year. It will get even better as I have decided to make a couple of quilts in September.

That's all I can manage today, see you soon.

                    TTFN                                                  Pam

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

It's all my fault.

I want to thank you all for your kind messages, it made me feel quite chipper to read them all.

I have been back today for more pulling and prodding, they even had a go at irrigation, there's no veg growing in my ears!!.

Apparently the gubbins that make up the inner bits of my ears are all very small, they must have shrunk when I retired to Wales.

I just hope that the rest of my innards (and the outards) all shrink to match. Woo Hoo, instant pain free weight loss.

As much as I can poke fun at it all, it does hurt and I have to go back in 3 weeks time to see someone else. The dreaded word "surgery" was bandied about, again. That was discussed and deemed unnecessary last year.
It's like listening to the weather forecast, it changes depending on what channel you have on.

I am off to put my feet up and sooth my soul with knitting, I have cast on one of the cardigan fronts, I decided that my brain wasn't up to knitting both at once, and am 3/4 the way up to the armhole shaping.

                          TTFN                                           Pam

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Worms on the stairs

At least that is what I saw. 
I was on my way up to have a shower, quite early this morning, and in my defence it was a murky grey morning and I hadn't put the light on.
There, halfway up the stairs, was a worm.

I got close enough to pick it up and it wasn't a worm at all.

Any guesses?

Yup, all you yarny people  out there will know exactly what I was about, very gingerly, to pick up. The offending article was in fact a short tail end of yarn, obviously the trimming off my sock heel or toe from last night, that had been carried part way up before falling off my skirt or shoe.

Panic over.

I am feeling much more myself this morning, which is just the job as it is of course Knit and Natter day.

I did manage 2 short walks with Ben but had to lie down for a little while in the afternoon. That turned into a deep sleep for around an hour and a half.

Dinner was a quick stir fry with some fresh fruit for pudding, grapes and cherries to be precise.
The grapes were lovely but the cherries, although juicy, were bland and almost tasteless. I should know better then to buy them out of season.

We had a nice overnight rain and the forecast is for much more during the day, followed by a few more hot days.

I have had a little change round on my kitchen shelves, a few things that I have not used in a long while have gone to the CS pile. Some pretty china that I have not been using, as it was tucked away, is now out and handy to use.

The SO has solved along term issue in the bathroom, Toilet Roll storage. I pick up a large pack every now and then, and if it on special offer get two. Then I have the problem of where to keep it.
The tumble dryer is in the bathroom and it used to sit there. Now though I have a basket full of Ben's towels, shampoo, ear and eye wipes etc. etc. etc.
I was flicking through You Tube a few mornings ago and paused on one of those "tidy up and make your life wonderful" channels. The vacuous woman was enthusing about storage in her "small downstairs powder room" as opposed to one of the THREE upstairs bathrooms!!

BUT she had put a shelf over the powder room (he he) door to store toilet rolls and other small items.


Just the thing, but our doors are very tall and I am not. I don't want a set of steps in the bathroom or anything else to stand on.

Compromise time.

There is now a floating shelf over the toilet. High enough that nobody will crack their head and low enough that I can reach it.

It is not huge but will easily hold 32 rolls. Result.

Now, of course,I will be casting my eagle eyes over the rest of the house. Any problem areas will get dealt with, just as I have done with the corner shelves in the kitchen. 

That's all for now, I am in dire need of a cuppa.

                  TTFN                                            Pam

Monday, 10 July 2017

Under the Weather

Morning all, almost afternoon really.
I had to go to the surgery this morning for a check on the ears. They were pulled, poked and prodded, all to no avail. I have another appointment on Wednesday.  All today,s visit has achieved is to make me very nauseous and decidedly woozy.

I am really off colour so will give you another look at Aberglasney instead of my usual waffle.

I hope to be back to what passes for normal tomorrow.

                        TTFN                                                Pam

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Another Day, Another Kilo.

So happy to see the scales drop by a Kilo this morning, I have done a bit more walking over the past few days but this 3rd week period often leads to a small gain, or no loss, as your body adjusts to the drop in calories. I can not see the difference except when I dress, some of the "snugger" garments are now a touch more comfortable.

I had a grand day yesterday, lots of garden time with a rest every so often. The Strawberry table is done and a corner fence come windbreak has been built. The path between ours and the next terrace of houses runs is a bit of a wind tunnel. This new structure will serve to break the wind up, give us added privacy and serve as a support for a honeysuckle and a rose. I will have a table there, for pottering and potting, and a seat for knitting and tea drinking.
I am off to get paint later this morning.

I have made a crustless quiche this morning, that will serve as our late breakfast/early lunch for 3 days. Dinners are heavy on salads, although tonight we are having Something with Bubble and Squeak. I had a few old potatoes and a couple of carrots that needed using and half a small cabbage, I cooked those up yesterday and mixed them all together, later I will slice and fry a red onion and add to the mix. I shape mine into little patties and fry in a small amount of coconut oil. I have no idea what we will have with them, possibly a chopped salad with lots of fresh herbs.

Very little knitting has happened, a little crochet on the Snuggly and no sewing at all. I did dive into the deep recesses of the yarn stash and ferret out more acrylic for said Snuggly. The white bag is back to "full to the brim" status, and beyond.

I am keeping this short and sweet this morning, it is getting on and I am impatient to make a start on the day.

                       TTFN                                      Pam

Saturday, 8 July 2017

Absolutely Awesome Aberglasney.

Just a few of the photo's from yesterday, I will add some more during the week. It is a wonderful place and I will be going back in a few weeks to check more of it out and see what changes have happened.
There was work going on in a few areas and the gardens are growing and developing apace.
It was great to be with Chrissie as she knows the gardens well, at one point she was a volunteer there.
I did buy 2 plants, a Dianthus, Wessex Pink and a Syringa Red Pixie, both will go into the bed that the cherry tree came out of.

We have plans to put in an Apple and Pear walk along the path and that should be the rear garden completed. BUT there is more garden at the very top that has not been touched yet. It had been used as a midden and will need some serious attention in the Autumn, when the weeds have died back.
We did pull a load of rubbish out of there two years ago and claimed back about 12' and this year intend to get the rest cleared.

And now I am going to drink my coffee and get out into the garden.

Enjoy your weekend where ever you are.

                               TTFN                                    Pam

Friday, 7 July 2017

More Excitement

Remember the me of a couple of days ago saying that not much excitement happened here, I made her go and wash her mouth out.

Yesterday morning the postie delivered a parcel, chock full of goodies.

I won a giveaway from the lovely Ellie Jones of the Craft House Magic podcast. Ellie lives in Norfolk, not too far from my home village, I found her via the Tilly Trout Podcast, another Norfolk girl. I am waffling.

Any way I was absolutely delighted to take part in the knit along, the first one that I have entered photos in.

Imagine my shock when Ellie read my name out on her last episode, I almost choked on my tea.

She is fast, I only found out on Monday and the prize arrived Thursday.

I carefully unwrapped the parcel ripped the parcel open to find these delights.

A set of lush mini skeins from Rainbow Cloud, once my yarn diet is over I may well be paying them a visit.

Some little extras from Ellie, the Fizzers were fun.

The Bag, what can I say, it is padded perfection personified. I do like a bit of alliteration. Love the pattern and the colours, as it is sock sized I may well go into overdrive and zoom through my sock yarn.

There is a pocket for spare cable and stitch markers etc and Ellie's label. The zipper has a ribbon pull and a little flower progress keeper, I will show that on my next socks.

As if that was not enough excitement, the SO found time to make a start on the Strawberry Table. Now I must gather small pots to root all the new runners, I may even go really mad and buy a few new plants.

Food was again a haphazard affair, I must pull my finger out and stop that, it is far too easy to eat too much if it isn't planned. I had a bagel, cinnamon and raisin, mid morning as my tum was grumbling and then mid afternoon a slice of crustless quiche. It was quite late before I thought about dinner, all this sunshine has me popping in and out to the garden, and it was more rumbles that woke me up to the time. I made a pasta salad, I had some roasted peppers, celery, onion and garlic which had been diced and tossed in a little oil and some Moroccan spices. To those I added a good handful of baby plum tomatoes just halved, some peas and sweetcorn, I mixed a good dollop of mayo with a smidgen of Weapons grade chilli and mixed the lot together. I had a cooked chicken breast in the fridge so diced that up and stirred into half the pasta mix, perfect fast dinner, BUT, there's always a but.
My new neighbour gave me a breadmaker the other day and I tried it out. Oh My Word, the loaf looked and smelled amazing. 
Well, we just had to cut it, a very thick slice was cut and we had half each.It was every bit as good as it looked, but it made for far too many carbs. Today will be carb free. 

Then, to make matter worse, I had a slice of the Mud Pie with single cream. I knew it was wrong, it wasn't even that wonderful. My mind took over and my brain went to bed.

I have put it behind me and today is another day.

Now I have to get a wiggle on, Ben needs walking and I have to dry my hair first. It is cooler today so hopefully will be perfect for my day out with Chrissie.

                    TTFN                                                   Pam

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Things are changing

My body clock seems to be confused as to where I am in the world. I have started waking up progressively later each morning, then of course I am not ready for bed till later. It is a spiral that I need to snap out of, I like my early morning start particularly in the summer.

Last night after spending over an hour watering all the planters and the thirsty plants I settled down on the sofa. Nothing much on telly so had a look on sky box sets and spotted Deadwood. It is very gritty and quite a bit sweary, I am certain that some of the language used was not common parlance in that time frame.

The ubiquitous Ian McShane was there, this time playing a nasty piece of work, and several other familiar faces that I couldn't put names to.

Anyway, I watched the first two episodes and while I was sat on my btm I picked up the sock that was tormenting me. I was intending to frog it and cast on a new one, but persevered and the first one is almost there.

I used a stitch pattern that I knitted years ago to give a clearly defined ankle section, now I do like that pattern just not in this yarn.

I couldn't find a solid colour that I liked with the greens so heels and toes are in this self patterning drops fabel, left over from another pair.
I have started the toe decreases and will get it off the needles today. I may knit the second sock with a different pattern, they are for me so I don't mind at all, it may start a new trend.

I was pretty much useless yesterday, couldn't settle to anything for more than 30 minutes. I did start to shuffle fabric around and just need to spend another 30 minutes this morning finishing that off.

Ben had the time of his life for a couple of hours late morning, we were at Rufus's house and all 14 dogs from the new neighbours came in as well.

That brings a Dolly Parton song into my mind, They're having a party 2 doors down, I shall be singing that all blasted day now.

Ben absolutely loved it, they are all smaller than him which was a complete change. Rufus looked like a giant among them.

We were there because the SO was fixing a mesh cover over the gate that divides the back yards, there is an access path running behind our row of 4 houses. There was a solid panel but is was causing a problem with the little dogs trying to crawl underneath and Rufus trying to mountaineer over it. Now they can see each other, touch noses and socialise.

Needless to say I didn't get the cardigan fronts cast on, I didn't touch any knitting till the evening. Well that's not entirely true, I did carry it into the garden and then I carried it back.

I have no plans for today other than draw a diagram for a new thing for the garden. The SO has offered to make me a Strawberry table, long enough to hold around 48 plants in double rows, that will free up one of the raised beds for something else.
If I plan this carefully it can sit above a raised bed, giving it some shade and making perfect conditions for salad leaves. Then a raised frame work on the table will allow me to have a net cover keeping lots of insects out of the salad. Not to mention the blasted crows and jackdaws off the berries.

I am off out tomorrow, I will be picking up Chrissie, the one armed bandit, and hopefully paying a visit to Aberglasney. (spell check wants this to read fibreglas!)

It will be a real treat but I must take a hat or the sun will have me prostrate in no time.

I have reduced the stash (oops haven't posted that yet for June) by 700 grams today. No I didn't knit all night, I have sent it, along with a pattern, to my younger sister for her birthday. She is a very talented knitter and a BIG fan of Tennis. That means that she will sit and knit while watching that little ball bounce around for hour after hour after hour. By the end she will have kitted through her stash, or almost.
 Now for June records, not much change really as I was sewing mostly. Just 700 grams out of stash but no additions, so it's not too bad. Although that doesn't seem much so I better check through the blog and see if I forgot to record something.

The clever Tina from Loobylou Yarns (have a look at her website, she has some gorgeous stuff on there) is spinning her Alpaca fleeces and I really really want some, I had some of her handspun and it is amazing to knit with. So I need to shift some more from stash, perhaps I should begin a new crochet project as that grows so much faster than knitting and uses more yarn. Must think on that idea, I have a couple of crochet shawl patterns. On that note I must get my shawl soaked and blocked.
Not quite yet though, a cuppa is overdue.

Oops, nearly forgot. I had a funny day for eating yesterday, I wasn't hungry at all till around 3:00 and had a roll with a slice of crustless quiche, very not Haute Quisine, but altogether yummy. Then of course I was not hungry at dinnertime, well just what my Granny would call "nice hungry" so I had a small(ish) slice of Mississipi Mud Pie, from Lidl. It was disappointing, a very dry biscuit base topped with a bog standard chocolate sponge and then topped with a fluffed up chocolate mousse that was more air than chocolate.

Not a day of great nutrition but not to worry, I did have an apple and grazed on strawberries while in the garden.
I will just put it behind me and move on.

And now for that cuppa, enjoy your day whilst you can, we could have thunderstorms in the UK today.

                     TTFN                                                  Pam